Eco Box


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Your Food Will Love It!

Carry your delicious food wherever you go with our 3-Layer Lunch Box. The eco friendly stackable food carrier that makes meal prepping easier than ever before! Airtight compartments to control your portions, microwave and dishwasher safe. Ideal for health management, and busy people on the go!


    • PLANT-BASED & ECO-FRIENDLY: Featuring 100% biodegradable (and gluten-free!) wheat straw fiber, My Eco Box is a perfect plastic alternative. Enjoy great food with a perfectly clean conscience. No toxins, allergens, or BPA included! FDA approved and safe to use for the entire family!

    • IMPROVED PORTION CONTROL: Bring your favorite meals along in this perfectly stackable lunchbox set. With a separate compartment for each course, you’ll have better control over your health, portions, and calories! It becomes super easy to combine different delicious ideas for your to-go lunches. The possibilities are endless! 
    • Bottom layer: Perfectly proportioned entrée or main course
    • Middle Layer: Greens, fruits or salad
    • Top Layer: Delicious snack or dessert

      • AIRTIGHT & LEAK PROOF: Are you tired of spilling your lunch all over the company fridge, or perhaps losing the freshness of your food before you’ve had a chance to enjoy it? Keep every entrée, fruit, and vegetable perfectly sealed and in place. Seal in long-lasting freshness for all your food!


      • Material: Wheat Straw Fiber
      • SIZE: 18 cm x 8 cm x 10.5 cm
      • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Lunch Box, 1 x Fork, 1x Spoon